Ten things to do before exams

Admin Mar 31, 2017

Ten things to do before exams

“The exams are upon us” did the student neigh

Her efforts to prove, at stake, to the worlds low and high

I am the master of my fate;

I am the captain of my Soul

The words ringing loud in her ears,

Enter did she in to a world of her own, she went to sleep, Oh dear!     

                                                                                                                                 -K P Paul Raj

This would be true for many of us who are appearing for exams this season. But as statistics show most of the fears are unfounded and even irrational. So cheer up, I have got ten things for you things that could help you beat the exam blues.

1. Sleep and eat well

I know you must be thinking “Eating and sleeping, that’s pretty much what I do” but the emphasis is on the word “well” which means having a routine for when you eat and sleep. This not about bringing on junks and dozing off at any time of the day. 

2. Stay Active

It is a known fact that physical activity improves blood supply and in turn improves the oxygen supply to all parts of the body including brain. So my advice, take a walk in the park, help with the errands at home, pick up cycling or any sport which you could schedule for a short duration.

3. Thorough Revision of the course

There is no substitute for revision. Revise your course at least two times before the exams to clear all the concepts. We gain insight when we practice something repeatedly.

4. Practice test papers-

Familiarity leads to contempt not always it also leads you to be wise. Do practice sample papers as this will improve your speed and confidence.

5. Correct Posture

Use a table and chair to sit and study. Sitting on bed or on a comfortable chair makes you relaxed thus losing your concentration.

6. Keep yourself hydrated

Drink lots of water and take bath twice a day (if your water supply permits) to stay fresh.

7. Clear your doubts immediately

Time is of essence and therefore timing. The sooner you get your doubts cleared greater are the chances that you would develop a sound basis of conceptual understanding.

8. Emotional Support

Spend some time with family and friends and do not cut off all your connections. These people are constant sources to replenish your energy bank and hold you emotionally.

9. Wall of Formulas

Paste important formulas and bullet points in your room (studies even recommend your restroom doors and walls), at places where you can read them frequently.

10. Reward System

Last but the most important is reward yourself after achieving small goals to motivate you.