Parent As Partners, Really!

Admin Aug 31, 2017

Parent As Partners, Really!

We have all grown up listening to this adage– “The first school of the child is the family and mother the first teacher”. It is also true that the child learns a certain thing at home and a completely different thing at school, making the process of learning and unlearning difficult.  Hence the role of parents as partners in the educational growth along with the school becomes necessary, especially during the crucial formative years of the child.

I personally feel that the involvement of parents in shaping the personality and later the career of the child has a lasting impact. This partnership plays a key role in the making of an individual to become the leader in his or her field.

The parenting style is a key determinant of the kind of partnership the parent, child and school have. Parenting styles can be grouped essentially into two categories – The coach and the God.

In the coaching style of parenting, the parent exhibit foresight as they keep themselves updated with changing times and trends. They share the relationship of a coach, a mentor with their children. They guide them without imposing their view point on the child and yet stir critical thinking within him/her. Such parents act as a bridge between the learning environments of the child and his/her learning need. These children grow up to be more independent and confident. They are more creative and have the ability to make wise decisions in life. These type of parents are an asset in the Education process of the child.

On the other hand the second group of parents are the ones who do a lot of spoon feeding for their children. They protect their children in advance from any kind of adverse circumstances. They choose the path for their child, which in course of time leads to an excess of dependence. The creativity and fertility of the child are destroyed. Such a child is weak and not equipped to face the challenges of the life.

I firmly believe that the partnership between parent – child – schools could do wonders in nurturing the child if each one understands the need for the other and be just a support.