My Dream School

Admin Apr 13, 2017

My Dream School

“My Dream School”, merely three words yet bring to the mind an entire world.

It is a place where one is taught not only to answer, but also to question.


Where a child learns not to fear and detest books, but to adore and crave them; not to tear them up or sell them to the kabadiwallah when one is done with them, but to cherish and treasure them, and to pass them on to others when needed.

A place where a child comes to understand that even the saints did not wish to be put to the test, and so he/she can hardly be blamed for sometimes being nervous and scared; where children turn to the teachers with many a problem or questions, confident of being guided and supported.

A place where the message, ‘Don’t cheat’ doesn’t have to come from outside, rather resonates within oneself; where, in the case that a piece of waste paper is littered on the ground, several are ready to pick it up, where, occasionally, eating in class may be permitted, and perhaps even participated in.

A place where climbing the stairs with a bag does not feel like climbing Mt Everest with K2 on one’s back; where even the sports teachers are accorded with the same greeting as the principal. 

A place not only where every little girl learns that she is no less than a boy, but equally important, every little boy learns that he is no more than a girl; where students have a little free time, to think and discuss, and to finish pending work, where questions that end with “..What is your opinion?” are free to be answered with one’s view on the issue, not necessarily what is dictated from a printout.

A place whose name a child proudly proclaims when asked which school he or she belongs to; where the announcement of holidays is not greeted with cheers and sighs of relief, but groans of discontent, where students linger long after the last bell has rung, and finally have to be herded out, reluctant to leave.

A place of which each corner and wall is as familiar as the nooks and crannies of one’s home; where one departs each day, eager to tell those at home about the new facts learned, and the new viewpoints formed, where every students, whether yet a kindergartener, or a soon-to-be alumnus, has access to the library all year round.

A place where everything, from one’s aptitude and subjects, to careers and knowledge is not categorised and generalised under the name of a single stream. 

A place with which, years later, a person relates the most memorable years of one’s life and thanks his lucky stars for being part of this dream journey.