Boarding School- The Enigma unraveled

Admin Apr 27, 2017

Boarding School- The Enigma unraveled

A boarder’s life is interesting, but a lot of applicants usually miss out what is important and stress over factors that don’t really matter.



To generations of students boarding school represents the winter of their adolescent discontent; a cold, distant place where parents threaten to send their children if they don't measure up.

Even though life at boarding school might not exactly be magical like Hogwarts, there are many aspects of these shows that really can be seen in boarding school such as cool and eccentric people and the formation of lasting friendships.

Families that send their kids to boarding school today represent a much wider demographic - geographically, socio-economically and ethnically, where students interact with one another and are always surrounded by a diverse population that they'll inevitably get to know throughout the year.

Curfews and rules will be part of life at any boarding school, but if you talk to boarding school students or alumni today, most will tell you the same thing - it's an environment that's conducive to making incredible friends and having fun in the process. And more importantly the life skills the hostellers learn is of great value, which brings the best of leadership in them. 

Boarding schools do not only look at your grades if they are high or not, rather they look for uniqueness and the overall performance of a student. So don’t stress out over your report card but rather try to appeal yourself in different manner.

Boarding school students participate in more extracurricular activities than students as day boarders – playing sports, engaging in creative endeavors and participating in council and club activities.

The best way to learn about boarding schools is to visit one - you can learn the most about boarding school life by simply being on campus and talking to current students about their experiences.