A Good Teacher

Admin Apr 27, 2017

A Good Teacher

Since ancient times, civilizations from China to Greece have stressed the importance and role of teachers in one’s life. Indeed, in India, the teacher is considered akin to, and in some cases, even above, the gods. Even in the twenty-first century, their contributions and standing in society have not waned. But confronted with a plethora of educators, we often ask ourselves the question: What makes a good teacher? Each of us has a different interpretation of the question and a different answer. But most of us would agree upon certain attributes as being synonymous with the word ‘teacher’ itself. I have taken the trouble to list some of them.

1.    It is given that the teacher is and should be a domain expert but a good teacher has the additional quality of having a peripheral knowledge of various other domains and real life situations so that the he/she is able to add trivia and make a real life connect to what is being taught in the classroom. It is this ability to surprise a student with the added information that makes the classroom learning interesting and the teacher engaging.

2.    The teacher’s teaching style and personality should be interesting as well. Teachers who explain concepts through stories and share anecdotes from their own experiences are infinitely more effective than those who stick to the book. Some teachers have the habit of being a student themselves. They are always willing to be updated by students and learn from them.

3.    Teachers who interact with their students on a personal level and sharing their interests and hobbies automatically become more approachable and easier to connect with, which eventually makes teaching & learning easier. Some teachers are able to teach in a way which involves the entire class and cater to each student’s learning style.

4.     It also matters how the teacher defines teaching or education. An ideal teacher would encourage students to ask questions, and ask ‘why not?’  Along with asking ‘why?’. Furthermore, a good teacher would not be exasperated or irritated by such questions, but instead consider it a part of their job, or even better, a pleasure and an exciting challenge to answer their students’ queries.

And while no human being can claim to be perfect, a good teacher, above all others, would be patient and composed. As the teacher is not merely an educator but a role model, mentor, friend, guide and much more who inspires confidence and encourages the students to strive for greatness.