10 Habits of a Successful Parent

Admin Jan 24, 2018

10 Habits of a Successful Parent

Communication - Communication without early judgment is one of the key habits of a good parent. Nobody becomes a great parent overnight. Healthy parenting is a slow and a gradual process and it all starts with a healthy communication.  A great parent would want to listen to what their kids have to say without getting angry or being violent. And this, in turn, nurtures a strong understanding and bond between kids and their parents.

 Non-Judgmental - It's an observation that no matter how hard we try not to judge, we end up judging more. Such a paradox. Isn’t it? We judge our colleagues, our peers, the neighbors and their kids, we mercilessly judge anyone who comes our way and in the end, we end up judging our own kids.  And this is the first poisonous seed, we sow unknowingly. Great parents realize the value of setting an example. They don’t simply tell their kids what to do or how to behave, they model the behavior themselves. If they wouldn’t want their kids to be an early judger, they would simply be that way. Kids are impressionable, and what they see their hero doing is something they will do as well. 

Exercise - If you are an active parent, your children will follow suit. The message that exercise is important for body, mind and emotional balance needs to seep into the behavioral habit of your children.

Importance of Family - Spending quality time with the family creates sustainable relationship and bond to last a lifetime.  They encourage healthy parent-child and sibling relationship. While growing up the child learns that during hard and dark times, she/he can count for the emotional support of her parents and siblings.

Flexibility- most of the kids are naturally defiant. Inflexible parents add fire to the rebelliousness of the kids and the flexible parents find the perfect balance between accommodating and dominating, so the kids, in turn, reward them with greater respect and self restraint.

Empathy - Empathetic parents pass on this beautiful habit to their children. And kids start to love the feeling they get, out of helping others. It awakens their humanity and in turn expand their social views.

Thick Skinned - Children during their teens have the capacity to hurt their parents in ways, nobody else can. Successful parents learn to develop a thick skin, which allows them to have a clear and rational mind when they deal with their children, instead of operating under stress or hurt.

Soft Hearted - A thick skin and a soft heart is a rare quality found among the parents of some of the most successful people in the world. They never fail to show empathy, love, and understanding even when their kid’s behavior are at their worst.

Sense of Humor - Good parents with a good sense of humor is like an icing on the cake. Kids love to laugh and play. It's important to take life less seriously sometimes, and just be present and alive at the moment. Physical and materialistic damage can be repaired but the emotional damage is irreparable.

Trust - Last but not the least trusting is one of the most important characteristics of a good parent. Trust breeds trust. When one trusts his child, the child, in turn, try not to disappoint his dad. It's mutual and it leads to a connection that lasts for a lifetime and is passed on from one generation to the other.