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Good Education is an essential ingredient for success in ones life. Jayshree Periwal High School is one such institution which provided me with the kind of education that I needed to achieve my goals. The level of exposure and experience which the faculty here has talks very highly about their credentials. It does affect your confidence when you know that you have the best of mentors and teachers. And I am glad to say that today I owe my pursuit of a degree in medicine to the encouragement and right nurture that I received at JPHS. My teachers never let me settle for anything less but encouraged me to dream big. I thank JPHS for helping me to achieve my dreams and my teachers for not giving up on me.

Sunidhi Mahendra, Ananta Institute of Medical Sciences (Udaipur)

People say that there is one turning point in everyone's life where one learns about the ethics and values to lead a happy life. Jayshree Periwal High School was that turning point in my life. I came to this institution as a young introvert who knew nothing more than what a few books taught me. There was a time when I couldn't talk to the people I sat beside every day but today I study in an institution which gloriously serves students from over a 100 countries and I am a glad member of two organizations already. I failed profusely in my school life but the sublime faculty of Jayshree Periwal High School pulled me right back up, helped me to learn from my mistakes and made me realize that you can get stronger only by getting hit. This institution gave me the prodigious opportunity to become the Head Boy and uphold the school's integrity. My school has played an important a role in shaping me into an individual who thinks before he acts, takes up responsibilities without any fear and can clearly distinguish between the right and the wrong. If it was not for JPHS, I would have probably been the same introvert, only not young.

Arnav Bajwa, University of Texas (Arlington)


Arjun joined the school in 2010 as a gawky impressionable teenager.His all round growth in the school was astonishing with his participation in the fields of academics, sport, music and other co curricular activities. Here he was not only being promoted to participate, but being sought after, and pushed to perform.Achievements do not come with talent alone. The environment needs to be conducive, friendly and supportive. It is this what JPHS provided in a wholesome and all encompassing manner. The achievements of the school in producing the best that this country has to offer come with years of focused leadership and vision, as well as the untiring efforts of the entire motivated family of JPHS.

Gp. Capt. Alok Chauhan (Retd.)

It is my great pleasure to express my heartiest gratitude to Mrs. Jayshree Periwal and Jayshree Periwal High School for our association as a family and second home for my children. We as parents always want our children to be extra ordinary. While we, despite our all best efforts are able to provide the ordinary, it is the School, Principal and Teachers, who add that extra to our ordinary to help us realize this dream. This year my elder son joined the University of Texas for his B. Tech. under the guidance and tutelage of Jayshree Periwal High School and made us a proud parent. My younger son Granav from class 8th is also getting the same love, care and guidance from the school. In these past few years, Arnav has grown into an honest, considerate, hardworking young man and we know that we have Jayshree Periwal High School to thank for that. The personal attention that he received from Jayshree Ma'am, Madhu ma'am and his teachers has made him confident in his abilities and sparked his interest in many different subjects. Our children have a second trusted home at Jayshree Periwal High School and that's why I feel I must appreciate the work you do and the support you give.

Mr. Narip Bajwa, Vice President (Marketing), Shree Cement Ltd.