8 Ways to Make School Fun

Admin Jul 19, 2019

8 Ways to Make School Fun

Schools have reopened and slowly the initial euphoria will dissolve into a routine…..get up…. get ready….reach school, study, get back home. How to make most of the most beautiful years of your life? How to overcome the ennui? The lackadaisical drag yourself to routine?

You surely have an edge above others, 'coz you are in one the top schools of Jaipur! And therefore you will surely not limit yourself to the world of books. Look around because fun is outside your school bags and notebooks.

 Add zing, personalize your things to show your unique style at school and bingo! You have already made the first impression!

Variety is the spice of life and like your palate, your brain craves for a change of taste. Join a club --- connect with other students and give yourself something to look forward to when you go to school. Clubs give you opportunities to step into leadership roles and help you gain confidence.  Dramatics Club, Photography Club, Astronomy Club, Quiz Club, Dramatics, Debate, Art and many more. Find out from your teachers or Council Heads what Clubs are available to join.

You might not be a champion, but it should not deter you from going out in the sports field and play and get rid of hormones such as adrenaline, noradrenaline, and cortisol, they are a veritable stress tsunami, sports and exercise fill you with endorphins.. the fun hormones. If you play for a school sports team, you'll have pride in your school and will look forward to representing the school. Developing pride in your school will connect you to your school and make it more fun to attend.

JPHS has different activities throughout the year that are available for any student to participate in. Check the blue calendar, to find out when activities are available and how to participate. You sure will have several to choose from. JLF Volunteering, Inter-school activities, intra-school activities, Pin Board Competitions, and other zillion activities suiting your talent and taste,

Enjoy your lunchtime, hang out with your friends and enjoy yourself. Challenge yourself to meet new people each lunch period if your group of friends is not in your lunch period.

Apart from all this keep life simple, finish your work on time, When you are late with a homework assignment, it’s easy to start stressing, and it can ruin your whole day. To make sure school stays fun, find time to do all of your homework and turn it in on time. Keep track of your assignments in a planner or agenda to know when they are due.

When you’re in a boring class, try not to keep checking your watch. Time will feel like it’s going slower if you continuously look to see what time it is.

Have a great session, respect your teachers and be kind and polite to your classmates and other students.